WHAT DO SPEED SILKS® COST? A Speed Silks jacket costs $259. Helmet cover $39. Jockey pants $114 (customization optional). Boot sleeves $17/pair. Any Jockey Club-approved standard markings are no additional cost; designs involving custom artwork (including emblems) require a one-time $25 design fee. Standard 1-3-day Priority Mail Shipping is a flat $8 to anywhere in the U.S., regardless of order size. Overnight service is available for an additional fee.

HOW TO ORDER SPEED SILKS® First, contact us at Darby Racing Technology, LLC by calling (806) 333-8589 or by e-mailing info@SpeedSilks.com. Then you’ll tell us about your design so we can begin making a full-color, front-and-back design proof. If you already have an existing silks pattern, it helps to provide us with photos along with a written description so we know exactly what you need. Perhaps you have a winner’s circle photo on know where we can find one online. It also helps if you can take photos of your existing silks and e-mail or text the pictures to us. If you’re building new silks from scratch, creating a design proof can take longer, but it’s one of the most fun and rewarding parts of the process. You’ll work with our graphic designer to determine what colors and markings you’d like on your silks. We can create a simple, traditional set of silks or something completely off the wall…visit our Gallery to see what we’re capable of. Remember that some racing jurisdictions –most notably New York and New Jersey– have strict regulations for silks designs; likewise, you’ll need to follow specific rules if you want to register your silks with the Jockey Club. We can ensure you’re rules-compliant if necessary. Once you have officially approved of the design proof, we get to work building your technical pattern, which is what the dyer and seamstress use to create your actual Speed Silks. That’s about a four-week process from the day you approve the proof to the day we ship your finished Speed Silks to you. Sometimes we do it a little faster, and sometimes (though rarely) it takes a bit longer. Our off-site dyer does work for us on a contract basis, and as we never know how much work he already has in front of him when we send him an order, we don’t know how long it will take him to dye our Aero Dimplex® fabric. Aero Dimplex is a high-tech, fussy fabric to work with, and it requires some very special processes to dye and assemble into a garment. It takes a bit longer to manufacture Speed Silks than old-fashioned silks, but we think you’ll find it’s worth the wait. Just e-mail or call (806) 333-8589 to start the process…we don’t charge any design or setup fees, so there’s no need to wait. We can get to work helping you design your next work of art today!