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Q: What do Speed Silks® cost?

A: A Speed Silks jacket is $259; helmet cover is $39. Jockey pants $114 (customization optional). Boot sleeves $17/pair. Any Jockey Club-approved standard markings are no additional cost; designs involving custom artwork (including emblems) require a one-time $25 design fee. If you provide your own vector artwork, we’ll happily waive the design fee! Standard 1-3-day Priority Mail Shipping is a flat $8 to anywhere in the U.S., regardless of order size. Overnight service and international shipping are available for an additional fee.

Q: Do you ship Speed Silks internationally?

A: We certainly do! We have sold and shipped Speed Silks all over the globe…the UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Hong Kong/Macao, Japan and Korea, to name a few.

Q: Can you create my specific silks pattern with Speed Silks?

A: Yes. All Speed Silks products are completely customized, and whether you have a traditional silks pattern with simple markings and just a few colors, or a more complex modern design, we can give you exactly what you need. Take a look at our gallery and you’ll see just what we’re capable of.

If you’re creating silks for the first time, we’ll help you through the design process and ensure your new Speed Silks meet all regulations for the jurisdictions in which you race. Learn more about the process of creating and buying Speed Silks on our How To Order page.

Q: What process do I need to go through to design and order my Speed Silks?

A: You’ll find all your answers on our How To Order page.

Q: Do Speed Silks really make my horse go faster?

A: A lot of customers ask, “Do they work?” The question behind the question is probably, “Do they make my horse go faster?” Speed Silks don’t make the horse go faster, any more than aerodynamic uniforms make speed skaters skate faster…what they do is reduce the amount of energy your horse has to expend in order to achieve and maintain speed.

In that respect, the correct answer to, “Do they work,” is: Yes, unless your horse can violate the laws of physics, they work.

But you’re still probably wondering how well they work…specifically, how much faster your horse can run if his jockey is wearing Speed Silks. We can’t answer that question yet, because we haven’t gone so far as to wind-tunnel-test a racehorse, but we can tell you what the manufacturer of our Aero Dimplex fabric has to say: Aero Dimplex is the most aerodynamically-efficient fabric between 14 and 47 miles per hour, which is why we chose it for Speed Silks: because nothing works better. And we’re the only company in the world that make jockey silks out of it.

You can read about this in much more detail on our About Speed Silks page.

Q: What’s Aero Dimplex?

A: It’s a unique, patented synthetic fabric that’s dimpled to reduce aerodynamic drag.

All Speed Silks products are made entirely of Aero Dimplex, and we’re the only company in the world that make jockey silks out of it. Aero Dimplex is already used by competitive cyclists, speed skaters, skiers and runners. It’s rated as the world’s fastest fabric between 14 and 47 miles per hour.

Q: Are Speed Silks comfortable? Do jockeys like wearing them?

A: Unlike spandex or old-fashioned nylon colors, Speed Silks are extremely lightweight and breathable. Jockey feedback has been almost universally positive. The Aero Dimplex fabric is thin, flexible and very stretchy; it also wicks moisture away to help keep you cool on a hot track.

Speed Silks are form-fitting, and you’ll find they fit and feel much like today’s compression-style athletic wear, only lighter and more “airy.” They’re much more comfortable than the old Spandex “aerodynamic” silks you’ve seen before.

A: Do Speed Silks require special care?

Q: Yes they do, if you want to extend their life. We won’t be shy about this: Speed Silks are not as durable as the old-fashioned nylon silks you’re used to. But remember: Speed Silks are designed for performance, not durability. One of the keys that make Speed Silks work is the Aero Dimplex fabric; it’s not as durable as nylon, and there’s no way around it. But we have always believed that’s a very fair tradeoff.

Speed Silks were designed from the ground up with a single purpose: to reduce aerodynamic drag as much as possible, and that meant constructing them out of Aero Dimplex. Two unintended advantages are that they look great and are comfortable to wear, but the unavoidable trade-off is that you need to give them a little extra TLC.

We don’t want you to think that Speed Silks are fragile, because they’re not. They’re just as durable as any other type of modern synthetic athletic wear you’d find at a store. Here’s what we ask you to do to extend the life of your silks:

• You’ll receive complete care instructions with your Speed Silks, plus a mesh wash bag personalized with your silks pattern. Ask your jockey to throw the Speed Silks in the bag before he throws them in the wash pile.

• If you don’t think you jockey will use the wash bag, have him turn the Speed Silks inside-out before washing and drying. This will keep any snags on the inside of the garment where they can’t be seen (Aero Dimplex fabric will snag on things like Velcro and zippers).

• We treat your Speed Silks with Scotch-Gard before we ship them to you. Re-treat with Scotch-Gard every few washes for maximum life.

Q: What should I wear underneath my Speed Silks?

A: Generally speaking, the same thing you wear under your other silks. If it isn’t cold outside, wear what you would normally wear under your vest. We suggest you wear compression shorts underneath Speed Silks pants.

But if it’s cold outside, we recommend a warm layer underneath. Since Speed Silks are thin and breathable (much more so than traditional gear), they help keep you cool in hot weather. But that means they won’t keep you warm in winter. Many major athletic wear brands sell thermal compression-style undergarments –both tops and pants– that are designed to keep you warm.

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